Kitty Kraft House & Scratch Pad - Corrugated Cardboard Cat Shelter and Claw Grinding Station

Size: 12*17*2

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The ultimate relaxation and play zone for your feline friends! Crafted with love from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard, this 40x30x53cm abode is not just a private retreat for your cat but also a perfect claw maintenance tool.

The charming design resembles a paper bag, complete with adorable feline facial features, inviting your cat to step into a world of comfort and play. The sturdy and durable structure ensures it can withstand the enthusiastic play of your pet, while the integrated scratch board provides an irresistible surface for claw grinding, diverting your cat from your furniture.

Whether it’s a cozy spot for a catnap or a fun scratching session, the “Cozy Cat Kraft Cave & Scratch Board” is the purr-fect addition to your home that your cat will absolutely adore.
Size: 12*17*2